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About Actors 



Rachel Maytum is the founder of Actors WebXSocial, which has been created for the purpose to help support aspiring and professional actors in their acting career. 


It's main focus is to help guide actors step by step in the area of creating an actor's website, as well as teaching about the different marketing tools that can be used, creating Social Media profiles, the different types of social media designs that you can create and the best tools to use for your personal brand. 

Rachel website design & art experience has enabled her to create an "Actors Website & Social Media Masterclass course"  - coming soon - that will help greatly for marketing & branding yourself. They will also include guidance on how to make an actors resume, the best way to create showreels and headshots, tips on generating an extra income to help support your acting career and for those new to social media, guidance on how to best create and showcase your social media profiles/pages. 


The course will be available soon, If you are interested in finding out more, and would like to be put on the waiting list then please reach out to Rachel via Actors WebXSocial Instagram profile.  

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About Rachel

I've been a website designer since 2018, and a pastel artist since 2019 and I'm on a journey to becoming a professional screen actor, using the Actors Website & Social Media Masterclass  course as a stepping stone to fulfilling my dream of becoming an actor, using my journey as a case study. I have had experience on set as a TV extra for several cold case "In Cold Blood" documentaries and for an Irish TV drama series "Seacht". I've also have had experience in creating a website for film, the High Moon the movie was my first paid website work. It was through that I was asked to revamp my friend's actor website and since  then have worked on a variety of other different website through word of mouth.

At the beginning of 2022, I made the decision to pursue an acting career. I went in search of how to do this but noticed that there was a lot of information about acting out there but not much when it came to planning, marketing and creating an actors website. 

I made the decision to bring everything I had researched together and infused it with my expert knowledge of website design and my artistic flare to make social media profiles appealing to look at. 

You will learn how to create your very own actors website & brand yourself using a variety of marketing tools & social media.

Get started via our Courses page.

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